Why Join Us

Quality Online Tutoring

Excel Students does not compromise on the quality of education provided to its students. Our lessons, quizzes, exams, homework, and assessments follow state standards and curriculums. The pre-assessment students take is from a third-party assessment provider whose assessments are nationally recognized as being able to effectively identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The pre-assessment helps us create a personalized curriculum for students by identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and academic level.

Convenient Tutoring From Your Home

Students no longer need to go to a tutoring center to be tutored. The tutoring is provided online using a virtual classroom environment with a two-way whiteboard, chat, and the ability for students and tutors to talk to each other. Parents are able to monitor the tutoring sessions from the convenience of their own home.

Affordable Pricing

A typical tutoring center charges about $45-60 per hour, and this may not be affordable to all parents. Without compromising on quality, we are able to provide the same tutoring services for 60% less than what it typically costs at a tutoring center. This is because we provide tutoring online using virtual classroom technology.

True One-on-One Online Tutoring

We provide a true one-on-one tutoring experience. Our tutoring sessions entail one student and one tutor ensuring that students receive undivided attention from the tutor

Experienced & Certified Online Tutors

Excel Students hires only qualified and certified tutors. Our tutors go through a rigorous training process before qualifying for our tutoring positions. More than 90% of our tutors hold a Masters degree and have more than 10 years of in-class teaching and tutoring experience.

Same Online Tutor for All Sessions

Students are guaranteed to have the same tutor for every scheduled session. We do not switch tutors because we believe that having the same tutor will create a comfortable and familiar environment for the student to ask questions and make progress quicker. Having the same tutor will enable us to track the progress of the student more effective and will ensure that we use the appropriate teaching methods that works specifically for the student.

Track Your Tutoring Progress

Student progress can be monitored at anytime from the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal provides access for parents to view their child’s upcoming tutoring schedule, lessons mastered, assessments, quizzes, exams, and homework assigned. The Parent Portal will ensure that parents are kept up to date on their child’s progress. The Parent Portal is in addition to the monthly parent and academic director conferences that are held to discuss student’s progress.

Motivational Tutoring Programs

Student participation and motivation is important when tutoring students online. At Excel Students, we use the Motivational Program to keep students motivated throughout the tutoring sessions. The tutors will give the students points for doing well in class and assignments. Students can then redeem these points for rewards such as gift cards, stickers, writing materials, and so on.

On-Demand Online Tutoring

If your child does not have a pre-scheduled tutoring session on a particular day and your child needs help with homework due the next day or an exam in the coming days, your child can receive LIVE tutoring from one of our available tutors immediately. The tutor and your child will be connected to the virtual classroom to answer any questions or clarify any concepts your child may have.

Gifted Program

The Excel Students Gifted Program is designed for students who are already performing at a higher level than their current grade level. We will create an Individual Learning Plan that is challenging for them so that they are able to go even higher.